I cleaned up after the party.

Just reading a computer manual is like practicing swimming on dry land.

Seenu and Connie weren't impressed.

In a far, far away universe where whatever is visualized becomes real, a noob tried to visualize a four dimensional object only to end up visualizing an object with an infinite number of dimensions that sent our entire existence into disarray thereby ending the universe as we know it.

When you've finished reading the book, I'd like to borrow it.

I don't believe what I'm seeing.

Vladislav's hands are behind his back.

You're lying.


I know how Mark feels about Gerald.


I usually use hearts of palm in my recipes.

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Ole earned some money by mowing lawns.

Bob wanted to keep the fox at home.

This movie is fun.


The Vatican is an absolute monarchy with an elected king.

Many people define success as the possession of large amounts of money.

Last night I lost my lunch.


We see.

Homeroom teachers should make every effort to keep in touch with their students.

A river separates the city into east and west.

I've just spent the last three hours talking with Ned.

Manavendra said he didn't do anything wrong.

This is too easy for Vernon.

I want you to want me.

Oscar felt a chill go up his spine.

We drove through unfamiliar territory.

Tell him I'll be back.

For I call the whole universe nothing, Except you, my rose; in it you are my everything.


That's what terrifies me.

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He made his way through the crowd.


It took us a long time, but finally we were able to find him.

Most signs are written in English.

He sought for his name.


On the following day, we all had terrible hangovers.


Tuna is being watched.


This letter has to be sent right away.

I have to warn Stuart.

Things will come of themselves.

They verbally abused her.

This is a good bottle of wine.

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Excuse me one second.

She boiled over with rage at his betrayal.

I killed the count.


Kimmo pays attention to details.

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She sounded in a jocular mood.


I think there are enough.

The picture reminds me of my family.

A key to a woman's heart? What are you on about? The only thing you have to do is to fuck her!

Dan was in the special forces and they teach them psychological warfare there.

He was all smiles.


A fire was seen to blaze up far away.

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He's young and beautiful.


I will make an application to that firm for employment.

It's looking like a treadmill kind of day.

Unfortunately, the results yesterday were as you see.


What were Elwood and Neville doing at the hospital?

Dennis couldn't produce any evidence to back his statement up.

The police officer put handcuffs on the suspect.

He is to go to Tokyo on business.

Do you eat three square meals a day?

I heard a knock at the door.

You know Pat doesn't like that.


Masanao quarreled with Dwight.

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Someone started screaming.

We have pilaf, lo mein, and kebabs in our restaurant.

Who else knew about them?

I don't see it as a choice.

Alchemists tried to turn base metals such as lead into gold.


Ram may be late.


We are all naked underneath our clothes.

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I need a weapon.

Science is important for our lives.

The soldier has died for you. Sweet princess.

Don't call Tammy now.

Laura always trusts people, even people he shouldn't.

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Maybe we should tell Dimetry.

They think it's superfluous.

Have you ever been to the Tokyo Dome?


It was filmed in Australia.


Please just tell me what they say.


I've been wearing this denim jacket for 15 years now.


Don't say anything unless it's important.

Is the name 'Shinosuke' a target for teasing?

Tell him I'm innocent.

He armed himself with a pistol.

Terry was troubled by the news.

I've never asked Sorrel to do anything.

How would you fix it?

One day I strolled into the woods.

He's proud that he got his education in the States.

Gale complained that the soup was not hot enough.

You do what you have to do.

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You look sad.

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Such a judge may as well retire from his job.

They will have gone to school by eight tomorrow morning.

I haven't got it.


Tad wondered what Miles wanted him to say.

The baby was the very image of his mother.

I'm unbiased.

Have you ever argued with your parents?

Call off your dogs.

Try this miracle ointment.

I don't like these cups; I prefer those on the table.

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I think it's unlikely that the police will find Kolkka.

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Michael was Joshua's first teacher.

I wish you'd tell me what to do.

Calvin wouldn't have been able to do that without me.

Janet is going to die in the morning for a crime he didn't commit.

Suwandi and Hector don't really have much in common.

How to prepare black porgy: Sashimi, Whatever anybody says sashimi is the tastiest.

Buy yourself something to eat.

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Lightning struck the tower.


A major New York newspaper reports that coastal flooding as a result of global warming is already underway.

Anton milked the cow.

I am an English teacher.

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Who is the girl in the pink dress?


Thank you for giving me the option.

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Celia was only trying to help.

I passed the exam and so did Kee.

This town needs a smith.


Relying on strength alone cannot guarantee victory.


The decision has not yet been made.


Suwandi and Nguyen sat down around the kitchen table.

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You were tired.

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Are you sure he can do that?

Happy Qixi Festival!

I live with my parents.


I probably should have said something.

We sometimes judge others based on their actions.

Raghu knows who we are.

Certainly there is nothing that will separate people more, and nothing so easy to slip into.

Did you just hit him?

I'm happy here.

Who owns Africa's resources?

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Can we speak now?

Barrio kept pushing.

You're a very handsome young man.

Strictly speaking, she's not qualified for the job.

The teacher is always finding fault with his students.

I don't watch TV very much.

Don't worry. I'll do it.

My body does not look human.

The first fight is a fair fight.

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Kay still hasn't responded.

My family's not rich.

The pilot closes the door.

He may save your life.

An idea just occurred to me.

I don't want you to yell at Ritalynne again.

What's that guy's name?

Don't find fault, find a remedy.

One must be absolutely modern.


Claire went out the front door.