There can be no relief without pain.

Anton is too young to peel an apple.

The universe is really big and we're really small.

Don't look at me that way.

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Leigh doesn't have a lot of freedom.

I have only half as many books as he.

Hector's amazed.

What's the average wage per hour in Germany?

Nick complained to me about the high prices in Tokyo.

Do you still dance?

He substituted the injured player.

It's possible he will spend more time in Hainan.

They can understand everything he is saying.

I dislocated my shoulder.

And what if your child was like that?


He majored in drama at college.

I'd like to see it.

It's a scalp disease.

The bank is on the left.

You shouldn't eat too much candy.

I'll pick you up after school.

I go where I want to go.


Something very strange happened last night.


I'm going to the park.

I thought that I should succeed.

The song called up my childhood.

Sean plays tennis well.

Did you hear about what happened last night?

One of the children left the door open.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

You should've stayed in Boston.

Can you imagine how scared Monica was?

Let's start with this wine.

Taxes should be levied in proportion to ability to pay and in proportion to the benefits received. Income was wisely chosen as the measure of benefits and of ability to pay.

We need to do something to take our minds off our problems.

Take a deep breath and relax.

What will it take to bring him down?

I wonder what is the point of asking such questions to the students?

His ideas are rarely practical.

Marc had never been so busy before.

I had never felt more alone than at that time.

He made the company what it is today.

Ted saw Louie drinking something, but he wasn't sure what it was.

Please speak French.

We're taking care of it.

Bacteria do not reproduce in alcohol.

We've got to get back to work.

He arrived here last night.

I'll have to fire you if you come late so often.

They climbed the rugged north face.


We went on a picnic to the woods.

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An estimated 20% of the water used by homeowners in cities is used for their grass.

Don't make sport of her.

That river floods every year.

He hates his life.

Let's risk it.

He was weak from the loss of blood.

She likes jelly donuts.


The bug is underneath me.


He rented the garment for the day.

Tolerant is already home.

He died in battle.

You have only to read a few pages of this book.

The flood did a lot of harm to the crops.

The power cuts damaged the computer.

Mice are distinct from rats.

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As for me, I don't want to go out.

Do you remember what you said?

I should've known Ralph wouldn't do what we asked him to do.

We weren't worried about it.

He catches cold very easily.


It is essential for you to practice every day.

Translators are responsible people who interpret.

In bowling, a perfect game consists of twelve strikes in a row.

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Now leave us.

They're not jealous.

You wouldn't survive.

We are gaining a day.

Pan is a monkey that can spread butter on bread.

I'll never forget Walter's smile.

It seems to be becoming hard to get a good job.

There are other aspects.

They all looked at him.

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This website was selected by Yahoo! as one of the Top 5% websites.


She and her boyfriend were watching porn.

Lift up your eyes, and you'll see the stars.

I would sell this dog if it was taller.

That's a very bad idea.

Please exit on your left.

I know it's going to be worth it.

I asked my boss a salary advance.

I tried to get you to help us.

I want to tell you the truth.


He has turned 180 degrees around.

I'll never talk to you again.

Jurevis doesn't know why Juan dropped out of college.

The nurse gave the patient his orange juice through a glass tube.

It was delicious.


I felt profound reverence for the courageous mother.

Polly got bored and left.

Christopher knows his limitations.


Gale asked June what she wanted for her birthday.

Which is easier to read, this book or that one?

I found myself lying in my bedroom.

Aaron wondered why Alan didn't like John.

He was forced to return to Washington.

She was anxious about her children's health.

Ann should have been punished in this case.


Please don't pour sugar into my coffee.


Adversity strengthens the foundations.


How bad is the need?


I'm not like Vilhelm!


Courage is needed to change a custom.

Steve pretended to be working on her computer, but in fact she was eavesdropping on the conversation.

Thuan never talks about his kids.

That truck is not transporting what people think.

So, be my guest!


I like teaching kids.


He couldn't help himself.


His cigarette burned a hole in her dress.

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He is the taller of the two.

I'm sure Aaron is grateful for your support.

What brought the price down?

Ofer needs his medicine.

I should take this.

It's not possible to do two things at once.

What was their goal?

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If it were up to us, we'd say no.


Sam didn't appear to be injured.

Claire's the kindest, most loving person you could ever hope to meet.

Whether I'm sleeping or awake, I think of you all the time.

His happiness is bigger than his intellect.

Our boss wants us to maintain a calls log.

Poor eyesight has some advantages, for example - it develops imagination.

Claire works harder than anyone else does.

Don't drive so fast. We're all going to die!

This is the one and only thing he can do. He can't do anything else.

Have you told Dominick where to meet us?

Randy joined the Marine Corps.

I was discharged without notice.

I like hugging Veronica.

Stars can be seen at night in this area.

Please lock the door when you leave.

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Man differs from animals in that he can think and speak.

That sounds like a threat.

I asked my boss for a pay increase.

There is still serious racial hatred against black people.

The elder passed away recently.


But then, full of guilt, I sat down at my desk one evening.

What was the cause of his delay?

Your dog is still barking at me.

There's nothing to be ashamed of.

As soon as I get up, I have a shower.

We need to bide our time.

A person is known by the company he keeps.


Milan's mayor is Letizia Moratti.

Some people might assume that.

I like girls.

She's as clever as they make 'em.

The seeds of plants breathe all the time.

What exactly do you intend to do with this?

Why should I lift and finger to help Angus?


Am I safe now?

I apologized to my boss.

Between 1924 and 1934, Bialik served as the head of the Hebrew Language Committee.

Man's best friend certainly makes a good addition to a household.

Have a great weekend.

Gunnar looked through the file.

When the sun comes up, I'll get out of bed.